We're a Boise web design company. Flagship design. Fast turnaround. Fully managed. No upfront cost. No contracts.

We specialize in custom WordPress development and Boise web design services for the Treasure Valley, Idaho.

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We are FALCON Design

Flagship Design

Every business offers unique value, and FALCON specializes in showcasing that exceptional value with professional quality, clarity, and energy.

Fast Turnaround

We’ve built websites for over 10+ years. Our toolsets, processes, and client management allow us to deliver custom websites with fast turn around times.

Fully Managed

Updates, adjustments, and site maintenance will happen. FALCON fully manages every client website with unlimited updates and 24/7 support.

No Upfront Cost

We are here to handle all site development, expert design, advanced coding, security updates, and site hosting – all at a fixed monthly price. Avoid significant down payments and surprises.

No Contracts

Love the website we make you or cancel our services anytime, that’s our promise. We love and root for each of our client’s success, and ultimately want whatever is best for their business.

FALCON Design vs. Most Websites

Most Websites

Expert Visual Site Design

We strive to get details right. Our core belief that high-quality site design increases the perceived value and visitor trust of your business.

Strategic Calls to Action with Event Tracking

Our websites direct prospects and potential customers to make explicit calls to action. We first listen to your goals, then a website to deliver results.

24/7 Professional Support

We are here for you. No waiting days for an email reply or call back. You get a direct line to a kind professional to handle your website needs or questions.

Flawless Mobile Experience

Most websites are hard to use, clunky, or slow on mobile devices. We deeply understand mobile development and promise your site will feel amazing.

Unlimited Site Updates

We don’t charge “update” fees or have update limits. When you need a site update, we do it. We’re serious about you being thrilled with your website.

Ai Image Compression

The biggest slow down of a website is images. We use Ai to analyze site images and create an ultra-low file size (fast loading) images that still look great online.

Daily Backups & Security

We take your web presence seriously. Hacking and malicious activity is more a when (not if) scenario. We perform daily backups and use SSL domain security.

Blazing-Fast Hosting Servers

Most websites are running on slow servers. FALCON Design soars on SSD Google Cloud Servers, a CDN, and caching, built for speed. Our client sites load fast!

How is FALCON Design different than SquareSpace, Shopify, or Wix?

Instant website options like Shopify, Wix, etc. are great if you have the time and skills to create, design, arrange, and manage your website pages. At FALCON Design, we first understand your specific business needs and unique value, then build and maintain a website experience your ideal customers will love.

FALCON Client Portfolio

A great website keeps people coming back, creates fans, increases sales, and generates leads.

We would love to hear your specific business needs and discuss how we can help.

– Thank you   The FALCON team.

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