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We're a web design agency in Boise.

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While there are countless options for building a website, Falcon web design specializes in creating strategic branded websites and marketing strategies for small to medium businesses. Falcon is perfect for companies looking for expertly designed and fully managed website solutions.

Our Proven Process


Our process always starts getting to know you, and your business. We ask a lot of specific questions about your business, your business market, and your direct competitors.


We map the strongest points of value your business has to offer, and how to best communicate those points. At the same time, we perform keyword research to find out the most relevant phrases and questions customers in your market currently searching for. Combining keyword research, and your business points of value, we create a framework that outlines exactly what content we’re going to present to your visitors.


We create a website concept design that’s based on our gathered research. At this highly creative stage we take multiple approaches on how to present every visual aspect of your website. In the end, we only hold onto and refine the visual concepts that resonate the deepest. Once we have a design direction we love, we present this website concept to you for review and approval.


Using the approved website concept as our blue print, we bring your custom website to life. At this stage we can begin adding interactive animations, videos, image galleries, and more. Most important, we design how your website will look and feel on tablets and mobile devices. After we’ve hit every detail and your new website feels amazing, we go live with your new high-performance Falcon website!


Once your site is live, we continue to run site plugin updates, optimize page speed performance, and track visitor behavior, all to ensure the best site experience possible for your visitors. And when you need a website update or edit, you simply send us an email or phone call, and we’ll get it done quickly. Along with comprehensive update services, we monitor your website with an active layer of cyber security, preventing unauthorized admin login, and malicious activity. Along with cyber security, we create a full digital backup of your current website, every day. Backups allows us to quickly restore a stable version of your website at any time if needed. We take your website uptime and performance seriously. Our business model allows us to provide your business unlimited updates, done by trusted professionals that fully understand your website needs.

Meet founder Nick Cates.
Over 15+ years experience in the web design industry, Nick Cates, creator of the $2M+ website software company Nick Cates Design LLC, helping thousands of international website designers and owners achieve high-quality sites with easy to use software. Today, Nick works directly with FALCON Design clients, helping to build custom website experiences.

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