We Make Websites Better

Build. Track Visitor Behavior. Improve. Repeat.

While there are countless options for building a website, FALCON focuses on creating beautiful websites that target specific goals and marketing strategies for small to medium businesses. Our website services are for companies looking for fully designed and fully managed website solutions.

Real talk for a sec.

We genuinely care about business owners and know just how hard it is to find trustworthy web design services at fair pricing. We’re aware (and frankly upset) by the horror stories of business owners paying thousands upfront for a website, later left with nothing of value in return, or with a website, they cannot update or manage. We promise to work hard, work fast, and work reliably for your online needs, with consistent no-surprise monthly rates.

Nick Cates

Meet founder Nick Cates.

Over 15+ years experience in the web design industry, Nick Cates, creator of the $2M+ website software company Nick Cates Design LLC, helping thousands of international website designers and owners achieve high-quality sites with easy to use software. Today, Nick works directly with FALCON Design clients, helping to build custom website experiences.