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FALCON Design is a Boise web design agency lead by Nick Cates, creator of internationally recognized high-end website solutions at Nick Cates Design.

FALCON Design stands apart from traditional web design companies by providing top-notch custom design, with honest upfront pricing. We can fully design, manage, update, and improve your new business website with no upfront project costs, no contracts, and no commitments. No lock-ins.

Why do we offer this?

This part is essential, and you can read our full answer in our post, Managed Website Services.

How can we offer no upfront, no-commitment pricing?

We know what we’re doing. We work fast, believe you’ll love what we make, and see the value in our work and the ongoing service we provide.

What happens if I cancel FALCON Design services?

Above all, we actively want you to do what’s best for your business, and would never wish to obligate a client to our services. Clients can cancel any time; in this case, we would discontinue our website services to the associated domain name. Any time, a business could revert to the old site, or go with a new web design service altogether, which we fully respect.

How is FALCON Design different than SquareSpace or Wix?

Instant website solutions are quick to set up and edit – which is excellent! The downsides are that instant websites are limited in functionality and typically leave the business owner in charge of creating/designing/arranging/managing online page content. At FALCON Design, we listen to and observe your specific business dynamics and unique value, offering to understand your ideal customers best. Then FALCON will fully build a custom online experience your customers will love.