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How Website Design Will Affect the ROI of a Business

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Businesses have realized the importance of having a website in addition to their physically located outlets. Businesses have also realized that they cannot rely on customers to seek them out but must instead draw potential customers in by making their website visible. While there are many factors that affect the success of any website, one of the most important is the website’s design. Millions of websites are competing for visibility, so you need to ensure that your business can stand out from the rest by making sure that your website’s design is effective.

How Website Design Will Affect the ROI of a Business

Whether you run a business that makes or sells a product or a service of some kind, website design is crucial to the success of your business. Visibility on the web is of the utmost importance to businesses, regardless of whether they work in the offline or online world.

The design and functionality of a website will directly affect the ROI of a business. If your website’s design is ineffective, it will not attract the right kind of customers for your business. A poorly designed website will mean that you are missing out on potential business and will be losing potential profits that would come from the increased sales that a well-designed website would bring.

Web Design Features Capable of Bringing Down Website ROI

1 – Too many links and third-party ads

When a website is designed, the web designer needs to strike a balance between the amount of content, links, and third-party ads on a website. Too many links and third-party ads can cause the website to be slow and can make it difficult for customers to find what they want.

2 – Poor navigation

Poor navigation means that your website’s users are unable to navigate your website easily. If you have poor navigation, your users will get frustrated and will leave your website with confusion.

3 – Confusing font sizes and colors

If your website has large fonts, your website’s users will find it difficult to read. If a website’s font is too small, its users will have a hard time reading the text.

4 – Lack of familiarity

Your website’s users should feel comfortable on your website. If a website’s users do not feel comfortable on your website, they will not continue on your website or will leave your website.

5 – Poor quality images

Your website’s users will decide whether or not to continue on your website based on what they see. If you have poor-quality images, your website’s users will be turned off.

6 – Not enough information or useful information

Your website has to offer enough information or useful information that is relevant to your products and services so that your website’s users will want to stay on your website.


If you are not getting the ROI that you expected from your website, your website’s design may be the reason. A website’s design can either be a benefit or a hindrance to your website’s ROI. So, the next time you need to redesign your website, make sure that you choose a web development company that has experience in making websites that are effective.

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