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Website Page Speed

Website page speed

Page speed is a substantial ranking element for Google search engine results.

The faster a site is, the much better it ranks on Google as well as the better it does for users seeing the website. Slow website page speed can cost you a possible visitor and a couple of positions in Google or Bing if you’re not meticulously monitoring it. Do whatever you can to make your web page load fast.

Here are a few ways to prevent your website from getting too slow, and to increase its load speed considerably.

1. Eliminate any sliders on the website.

Sliders are slow-loading and can drag the entire web site down. Use a single hero photo with a single message or call-to-action button over it.

2. Limit the number of photos on a page.

Images are useful narration tools and are also crucial to any website. Nevertheless, when developing out various pages on your site, attempt to stay clear of an excessive quantity of pictures as each one can decrease the website lots of time. Use images when illustration is necessary or handy; do not just fill a web page with photos for loading it.

3. Compress website images you use.

Web images can be compressed to smaller documents dimensions without impacting the image’s look. The smaller an image file size is, the faster it loads, and the quicker your website will load.

4. Get rid of unneeded typefaces from your web site.

Often, websites come with default fonts loaded by the website’s theme or template. It’s best to remove those when you can see so that there is less “junk” on your website.

5. Update your site hosting company.

Companies like GoDaddy provide hosting so cheap it’s tough to say no– yet it does come at a cost. Less expensive holding generally indicates a slower server or a server that’s carrying multiple internet sites. If you’re making use of a sluggish host, that leads to your website loading slower also. 

Test Your Website Loading Speed.

 A good tool to test your website’s speed is Google Pagespeed Insights. While not perfect, you can get a quick idea of your website’s page load speed and overall performance metrics.

Falcon Design can help with your page speed.

If your current website is too slow, or your looking for a site redesign built for fast page speed, at Falcon Design we can help. Contact Nick at Falcon for a free website consultation, call (208) 807-2660, or email