Managed Website Services

a man holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper

Small and medium businesses invest thousands of dollars upfront for the hope of a “finished” one-off website. The reality is future website updates, and the need to control your online message will happen. It’s worth saying again, future site updates are not if, but when they will happen.

Web design companies that offer FREE site updates (sounds great) eventually go broke or struggle to return emails and phone calls; they collapse under the volume and weight of friendly no-charge client requests. Few site design agencies offer dedicated paid monthly maintenance plans, but it’s the only sustainable way to support a growing client base over time in a healthy way.

If you like analogies, over time, the difference between a smoothly working car and a 3000-pound paperweight with tires is routine care and maintenance by people or professionals who know what they’re doing.

We’ve been around the web design block and thoughtfully crafted win-win core principles for FALCON Design. We offer unbelievable quality, personal 24/7 support, at simple fixed monthly pricing that suits individual business needs.